Delta Upsilon
May 4, 2020

LI 2020 Canceled

May 4, 2020

Dear Brothers,
Please take a moment to watch this video announcement and read the important information in this message.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors has voted to cancel our 2020 Leadership Institute. Each summer, LI provides the opportunity for DUs from all over the globe to gather together for fellowship, education and celebration. It is the highlight of our program calendar. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects have left us needing to cancel our meeting.

Today, months after COVID-19 began affecting the U.S. and Canada, so much is still unknown about the disease, including how long it will be around, if it will come back, and how our day-to-day lives will be affected moving forward. The Fraternity leadership had hoped that by this time, there would be more answers and that we would still be able to host LI as scheduled. However, we do not feel we can risk our members’ health or gamble that the ability to travel and convene in large groups will be safe and allowed by the end of July. Financially, we also believe this decision is in the best interests of our chapters/colonies, brothers and the International Fraternity. We do not want to place an additional financial burden on anyone by expecting them to attend LI when we know many are experiencing lost jobs, furloughs and canceled summer internships/jobs.

Although we may not physically be together, the work of the Fraternity must continue. In lieu of in-person meetings, virtual meetings for the Undergraduate Convention and Assembly of Trustees will be held this fall, as will a virtual awards presentation. The dates, times and logistics for these meetings will be shared this summer.

Throughout the history of our great Fraternity, our annual meeting has been canceled 11 other times. As in the past, DU will not falter. Yes, we want to meet in person, but it is our duty to do so responsibly. As men of Friendship, Character, Culture and Justice, we must do what is best for one another and the Fraternity. This year, unlike those in the past, we are fortunate to have the technical ability to move our meetings and brotherhood online. The virtual Convention and Assembly will be an exciting first for DU!

Those already registered for LI 2020 will receive a full refund, and chapters/colonies will not be billed for anyone who had registered. For more information about the LI cancellation, refunds and what this means for DU moving forward, check out our FAQ.

You can also visit and to learn more about what the Fraternity is doing during this time to fight COVID-19, engage brothers virtually and continue our educational efforts to build better men.

We understand that this news is disappointing. Know that when we meet in person again, the reunion will be even more special. We invite you to join us for the 2021 Leadership Institute in New Orleans next summer.

If you have questions or concerns regarding LI 2020, please contact

May you and your families stay happy, healthy and safe this summer. We look forward to meeting in person again soon.

Dikaia Upotheke,
Thomas F. Durein, Oregon State ’92
International Fraternity President

Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska ’81
Chairman, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors

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